Floral Jar Labels

Floral Jar Labels

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They are so versatile, you will want to stick them everywhere!  They are perfect for small businesses who want to brand their jars.  We are offering different sizes for these labels, to fit the top of a jar (or any other use) you need for your individual or small business.  You choose what text goes on the labels, we format & print it for you - and you get sheets of cute labels to use anywhere. 

Sizes available:

1.5" Circle = 48 Labels
2" Circle = 30 Labels
2.5" Circle = 24 Labels
3" Circle = 12 Labels

If you choose to print them at home, then you will receive a single PDF with each label laid out for you depending on the size chosen.

Any custom wording will be printed the same on all labels.  Individual text can not be placed on the labels unless you contact us ahead of time for an estimate.  Thank you.

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits your life, the Floral Jar Labels is for you.
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