Website Design

Wordpress Design

Wordpress is one of the best platforms available to business owners! It offers a flexible platform to create your unique presence on the internet, while offering an easy way to maintain that presence.

You deserve a Wordpress designer to bring your business to life online!  Together we build a site that illustrates who you are & what your business offers. The flexibility of themes/templates allows us to start with a framework to speed up the design process and keep a project within your budget without compromising quality, functionality, design and style.  We can also start with a blank slate, and create a 100% custom site!!

  • Wordpress designer with 11+ years experience
  • Designed, programmed and supported 100’s of WP websites
  • Genesis/Studiopress programmer for 9+ years
  • Coding HTML & CSS for 11+ years, PHP for 9+ years
  • Offering ‘drag & drop’ & visual editing tools for EASY management of your own site

Hosted Platforms

Shopify, BigCommerce, name it, I can design with it!  I'm not just a Wordpress designer, but my programming skills allows me to work with other “hosted” platforms.  Platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, BigCartel, WIX and more. These CMS platforms offer everything a small to large business needs for their web presence while making your website easy to manage and update.  Let's chat about what I can create for you!

Website Technical Support

For those times when you need a team behind you, your own personal GEEK SQUAD® for your online business. I mean honestly…our computers are not the only things that can become infected or stop working. Over the past 13 years, I have seen it all – small hiccups that cause a page to stop functioning to out right attacks from malicious scripts/individuals who take over your whole site and wreak havoc on your business. You can hire me for as many hours as needed to complete the project - no minimum.

Let me know what you want to do, I can send a quick estimate of the time needed, purchase the time and you're quickly added into my calendar to complete the project.

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