For those times when you need a team behind you, your own Personal tech squad

For those times when you need a team behind you, your own personal GEEK SQUAD® for your online business. I mean honestly…our computers are not the only things that can become infected or stop working. Over the past 11 years, I have seen it all – small hiccups that cause a website to stop functioning as usual to out right attacks from malicious scripts/individuals who take over your site and wreak havoc on your business.

hourly Support

Hourly support is great when you just need to hire a professional for a few hours.  Maybe an update/upgrade you handled yourself went a little awry, or you want to make some design changes to your site - but do not need a full re-design?  You can hire me for as many hours as needed to complete the project - no minimum.  Let me know what you want to do, I can send a quick estimate of the time needed, purchase the time and you're quickly added into my calendar to complete the project.

Technical/Programming support


This is for businesses and individuals who have a website (any platform), and need assistance with making edits/changes to the core coding of their site. This can be to customize a plugin, install a complex plugin, or customize the layout of the website.

  • Making edits to the core system, theme or plugin files
  • PHP/HTML/Liquid programming
  • Malware/Hack Support
  • Technical support when a site goes down, or stops working properly
  • Plugin conflicts
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Design/General Support


This is for businesses and individuals who have a website (either WordPress or other platform), and need assistance with making changes to the design of their site. Whether you need graphics/photos loaded, change your logo, adjust colors, typeface and similar visual items. I can also assist with backups & updating plugins/core system files when needed.

  • Making CSS/design edits to the core theme files
  • Making CSS/design edits to core plugin files
  • Backup database and core files
  • Update plugins and main system (depending on the platform), handle testing after updates to make sure site is 100% functional
Let's Work Together

Support Plans

These plans are available for individuals and businesses who would like piece of mind that their website is safe & secure - any day of the week.  I will handle regular updates* for your core files, themes and plugins.  Your site will be scanned for security risks and malware.  Each plan comes with an allotment of time that can also be used for updating the content of your site if you need basic maintenance/updating of site pages.

3 Hours

10% off

($72/hour discounted rate)
While you have time available, your site will be checked once a week for updates/malware
If a problem is found, you will be alerted and an estimate of how much time is needed to fix the issue will be given. This time will be deducted  from your block of time.
Use the time when needed, no expiration (sorry, no refunds on unused time)

6 Hours

15% off

($68/hour discounted rate)
All of the same features as the previous 3 hour package, you just have more time and save more $ off of each hour purchased.
Files/data will always be backed up when any work is done on the site, and securely kept
Use the time when needed, no expiration (sorry, no refunds on unused time)



(discount of $15 off each hour)
This package is for clients who want to signup for automatic billing.  You won't have to worry about running out of time, when you have used your allotted time you will be billed for a new cycle automatically.
This package offers the best pricing, but requires a min. of 2+ cycles of automatic billing & purchase of 3+ hours each cycle

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